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INTEREST ONLY REGISTRATION(Starting 3/1/2021 - 5/31/2021)

If you are not ready to go through full registration process, you can use this form to express interest to ensure you will be updated on all the latest program status: deadlines, schedules, etc. This form is only one page long with no need for payment processing.

FULL REGISTRATION(Starting 6/1/2021)

Please read below instructions before Registering Here:

In order to avoid pausing or rework, please get the following items ready before starting the registration process:

Do you need new jersey: Please bring out last year’s jersey to see if it will still fit during the season(Aug-Oct). If not, select the option WITH New Jersey at the fee section.

Preferred Jersey Number: When ordering new jersey, there is opportunity to make adjustments to the number based on team number conflict. Enter a few preferred numbers for registrant to assign.

Portrait Picture: find a nice looking one for your son and upload

Current Weight: Please weigh your son on a scale at home,  entered data needs to be in digits

Projected Weight: best estimated weight by end of Aug. entered data needs to be in digits

Family Doctor Name and Phone:  Required

Birth Certificate/Passport: Required for all players, please scan or take picture of original copy to ensure legibility

Projected Team: Please review the Weight and Age Chart: The actual assignment of practice team will be based on the weight at equipment pickup time in early August. Adjustment of game teams might need to be made based on the actual weight at Jamboree time on Aug 28th.

Please find our TeamSnap registration link here: TBD

Fall 2021 Registration Fee

Tackle(8 and Older) Registration WITH New Jersey  Price: $420.00

Tackle(8 and Older) Registration WITHOUT New Jersey  Price: $350.00

Flag(5-7 Years) Registration WITH New Jersey and Short Price: $245.00

Flag(5-7 Years) Registration WITHOUT New Jersey or Short Price: $175.00

Cheer(6-7 years) Registration WITH New Uniform Price: $175.00

Cheer(8 and Older) Registration WITH New Uniform Price: $350.00

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